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Disney Cruise Line Considering a “Competing Port” to PortMiami for Long-Term Berthing Agreement

Miami-Dade County recently published a preliminary agenda for the February 17, 2021 Board of County Commissioners meeting. Scheduled on the agenda is a resolution approving and authorizing the execution of an amended and restated development, management, and lease agreement with MSC for the planned cruise terminal project for births 8 and 9 with berth 10 available for another cruise line. This project has been progressing with Disney Cruise Line as the other cruise line sharing the terminal utilizing berth 10. However, the latest out of Miami-Dade County suggests this is may no longer be a done deal.

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On July 21, 2020, the board approved a resolution authorizing a ground lease between the county and MSC allowing both parties to move forward with the terminal project on an adjusted timeline. Additionally, the amendment included language to incorporate facilities within the shared terminal for use by Disney Cruise Line.

The latest resolution for the MSC Terminal project, on the February 17th agenda, casts some doubt Disney Cruise Line is still fully onboard as the other cruise line sharing the terminal space with MSC. The key statement can be found on page 10 and 11 of the proposed resolution which details the potential primary third-party cruise line preferential birthing rights at the terminal and there is an update pertaining to Disney Cruise Line:

As contemplated in the item that this Board approved through Resolution No. R-728-20, the Port has continued to have discussions with Disney to potentially serve as the primary non-MSC cruise line using the Shared Terminal. Disney has recently advised the Port that, prior to entering into a preferential berthing rights agreement with the County, it will conduct due diligence with a competing port regarding a long-term berthing agreement at that port. Disney, however, has not foreclosed the possibility of an agreement with the County for the use of the Shared Terminal and Berth 10. 

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According to the resolution, before Disney Cruise Line enters into a new preferential berthing rights agreement with Miami-Dade County, they will contemplate a long-term berthing agreement at a competing port. The following is complete speculation, but since Disney’s home port is Port Canaveral, that really narrows the list of competing ports to PortMiami down to one – Port Everglades Cruiseport roughly 30 miles north in Fort Lauderdale. Currently, if my information is correct, Disney’s berthing agreement with PortMiami is through April 2024. Only time will tell which way Disney Cruise Line plans to proceed, as far as looking at competing port, this could be a negotiation tactic to get a better deal at PortMiami.

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2 thoughts on “Disney Cruise Line Considering a “Competing Port” to PortMiami for Long-Term Berthing Agreement”

  1. I am of the mind that Disney is taking this opportunity to renegotiate the agreement given the fact that Disney ships haven’t had guests in almost a year now. Time will tell. Thanks for the article and the documentation you posted. -Andrea

    1. Absolutely, this is a very responsible thing to do, especially given the current climate of the travel industry due to the pandemic. What may have been a good business decision 12 months ago, may not be the case anymore. If they could secure shared or more so an exclusive long term berthing rights, at say Port Everglades, they should absolutely conduct their due diligence and make the best financial decision.

      I would think they would al be considering finding something they would have complete control and the ones exclusively using the facilities as a safety precaution to their crew and guests.