2021 Disney’s Blizzard Beach Tickets Are Now Available!

Cast Members are working hard to prepare Disney’s Blizzard Beach for its reopening on March 7, 2021. Disney Water Parks fans are roughly one month, one week, two days and 20 hours away from once again leisurely floating across Cross Country Creek , speeding down Summit Plummet and indulging in their favorite meals at the Lottawatta Lodge.

The One-Day Water Park Ticket is now available, as well as other ticket options. Tickets will remain valid through Dec. 31, 2021.

When Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park reopens, it will operate in alignment with the health and safety protocols implemented throughout the Walt Disney World Resort, including reduced capacity, temperature screenings, physical distancing markings and face coverings. You can find the most updated information on the dedicated Know Before You Go section.

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