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Puppet Theatre: Captive Audience Announced for Halloween Horror Nights 2021

Universal Orlando Resort has announced the first official house for Halloween Horror Nights 2021 in a new behind the scenes video. The video, which premiered on the resort’s YouTube channel earlier today, gives us an up-close look at what goes into creating a haunted house for the event.

Puppet Theatre: Captive Audience will be one of the houses for the event in 2021, after this year’s event was cancelled. See more details about the house, as well as images, below. And check out the official HHN Forever video to learn more.

Universal Orlando’s official Description:
Based on a terrifying original story created exclusively by the twisted minds of Universal Orlando’s Entertainment team, Puppet Theatre: Captive Audience will bring the demented side of puppetry and theatre into the spotlight

The video goes on to explain the backstory for the original house. It takes place in a turn of the century theater that collapsed many decades ago, trapping all of the souls inside. The theatre’s cursed puppeteers use the bodies of the audience, and anything else they can get their hands on, to create morbid puppets.

Guests will pass through multiple sections of the crumbling theater, including backstage areas and the dressing rooms, the orchestra pit, and the main auditorium. But get out before the whole building collapses, trapping you inside forever.

No other details for next year’s event were revealed, including a schedule, but Sr. Director of Creative Development Michael Aiello did say it would be their best year ever. After the event was cancelled in 2020, let’s hope 2021 doesn’t disappoint.

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